Divorce Services

Guiding you a through divorce.

O’Connor Law and Mediation PLLC  is ready to assist you in your dissolution marriage. Kathleen E. Rusler O’Connor will be with you throughout the case, from the initial pleadings to the settlement or court proceedings. Ms. O’Connor will explain your options, rights and obligations in the areas of child custody, support, property division, and spousal maintenance.

O’Connor Law and Mediation PLLC handles divorce cases in Minnesota. Attorney, Kathleen O’Connor, has over 25 years of experience guiding clients through the complex legal system and resolving issues often included in a divorce case, such as:

Child Custody

Minnesota law requires the Court and parties consider the best interests of the children to determine the custody of minor children.  Minnesota law incorporates twelve factors which the Courts use to determine child custody and Kathleen can assist you in understanding how those factors apply to your particular situation.

Child Support

In Minnesota, both parents have an obligation to support their children. Minnesota follows an income shares model where the Court uses the gross income of both parties and applies the Minnesota Child support Guidelines to the combined gross income to determine the child support which obligation is then allocated based upon the number of overnights. Kathleen is familiar with the Minnesota child support guidelines and how they are applied in various situations including when the Court would consider a deviation from the guidelines as well as other unique situations.

Property Division

Minnesota law requires that the Court divide marital property in a just and equitable manner, which is most often an equal division. Attorney O’Connor has the experience to assist you in determining what property is marital, what is non marital and what property has components that are both marital and non-marital. The valuation and division of various types of property can be complicated and Kathleen has the experience to assist you in determining values, evaluating and proving non-marital claims and the division of marital property. Finally, she has the experience evaluate the unusual case of whether the facts of the case support a claim of hardship allowing one spouse to be awarded a portion of non-marital property.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance (formerly alimony) is one of the more complex areas of family law as there are no guidelines governing the award of money from one party to another. Minnesota Statute 518.552 sets forth the grounds for an award of spousal maintenance as well as factors governing the amount and duration. Before there can be an award, the person requesting must demonstrate need and an inability to meet their need from resources available to them. Once that hurdle has been met then the Court must consider 8 factors to determine amount and duration including the ability of the payor spouse to contribute while meeting their own needs.

In addition to Kathleen’s broad knowledge of Minnesota family law, Ms. O’Connor has a strong yet compassionate approach to divorce cases.

For more information about divorce agreements in Minnesota or to schedule a free initial consultation with O’Connor Law & Mediation, Kathleen E. Rusler O’Connor, Attorney at Law, call 952.529.1961.