Child Support

Knowledgeable, Experienced Help In Child Support Matters

With experience in Minnesota family law since 1990, Kathleen O’Connor has seen the development of child support from being based solely upon the obligor’s income to an income shares model with a parental expense adjustment.

Child support consist of three separate components: basic monthly support, child care contribution and medical support (contribution to health insurance premiums). Orders also generally determine the unreimbursed medical and dental contributions.

Minnesota child support law involves advanced math calculations because it accounts for each overnight awarded so the Department of Human Services created the Minnesota child support calculator. In order to use the calculator, one much know what values to insert. It is important to have experienced help in determining these values particularly if your cases involves situations such as:

  • Self-employed individuals.
  • Vaguely defined parenting time or parenting time that varies from what was originally ordered.
  • New dependents
  • Variable compensation

As your family moves into the life after an initial support decision, you may encounter situations that may require a modification, such as:

  • Income changes.
  • Emancipation of a child.
  • Parenting time changes.
  • New dependents

Attorney Kathleen O’Connor has experience with both straightforward and complex child support determinations and modifications.

Providing Guidance and Experience

Ms. O’Connor helps her clients understand the court system and the legal requirements of child support. She educates her clients and gives them the ability to be proactive.

To talk with a child support attorney knowledgeable in Dakota County, Hennepin, Goodhue and Scott County about your individual situation and child support concerns, contact O’Connor Law and Mediation PLLC, Kathleen E. Rusler O’Connor, Attorney at Law, by calling 952.529.1961or online.