Paternity cases are used when the parentage of a child has not been established. If there is a recognition of parentage, it is a Custody/Child support case.

Typically, a paternity case is necessary if no formal recognition of parentage form was signed by the parents, the parents were not married when the child was born or there are other circumstances where more than one individual might be the biological father.

Until there is an order establishing custody and parenting time, Minnesota law presumes that the mother has sole legal and sole physical custody. Once paternity is established by adjudication (a court order) or the Recognition of Parentage (ROP) the court then makes a custody and parenting time decision based on the best interest standards and determines child support.

In some circumstances, the critical issue might be determining that a presumed father is not the biological father. A case to establish non-paternity can also be brought, with strict timelines.

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